Presentations &
Here you will find the videos and presentations of the different speakers. Most of the documents are available in PDF format and the videos in Quicktime.

Keynote: Design Learning: How other fields can inform interactive design

Will Wright  [PDF]
[Keynote - Quicktime Video] 51:18   
[Q&A Quicktime Video ] 8:41    

Panel 1: Design Process and Games
Juan Pablo Gnecco
Raph Koster
Carl Schnurr
Johnny Wilson  [PDF]

[Panel with Will Wright's Comments- Quicktime Video] 1:01:05

Keynote: Interactive Spaces
Dale Herigstad
[Keynote - Quicktime Video] 51:12    
[Q&A Quicktime Video ] 6:37

Panel 2: Design Process and Digital Art
Mary Flanagan
Michael Mateas  [PDF]
Jane Prophet  [PDF]

[Panel - Quicktime Video] 57:04

Panel 3: Design Process and Mixed Reality
Ali Mazalek
Bill Gaver
Celia Pearce
Katie Salen  [PDF]

[Panel - Quicktime Video] 1:10:48


Panel 4: Design Process and Convergence
Matt Hullum
Chris Klaus
Karen Lennon
Marcus Matthews  [PDF]
Michael Nitsche
Rick Sanchez  [PDF]

[Panel - Quicktime Video] 1:17:42
[Dale Herigstad's Comments- Quicktime Video] 3:11
[Q&A - Quicktime Video] 15:04


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