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Will Wright - Public Address
Will Wright accepts the Ivan Allen Jr. Prize for Progress & Service and presents his address on "Stealth Communities."

Will Wright - Comments

Will Wright comments on Georgia Tech's digital media programs

Wednesday - 9am
Panel: Procedural Narrative and the Future of Story Games
Steve Chiang (EA Tiburon), Chris Crawford (Game Designer & Author), Michael Mateas (Georgia Tech)
Jay Bolter (Georgia Tech), Moderator
Will Wright, Respondent

Wednesday - 11am Panel

Panel: Procedural Content & the Creation of Game Worlds
Amy Bruckman (Georgia Tech), Irfan Essa (Georgia Tech)
Ken Perlin (NYU), Lassi Tasajärvi (Evenlake Studios & Author)
Steve Cross (Georgia Tech), Moderator
Will Wright, Respondent

Bing Gordon
, Chief Creative Officer, EA

"Developing and Educating Creative Leaders at EA"

Bing Gordon - Comments
Bing Gordon comments on Georgia Tech's academic programs.

Wednesday - 2pm Panel
Panel: Computational Power & The Future of Entertainment

Dale Herigstad (Schematic), Christopher Klaus (Klaus Entertainment), Blake Lewin (Turner Broadcasting)
Paul Marino (Academy of Machinima Arts & Sciences)
Janet Murray (Georgia Tech), Moderator
Will Wright, Respondent

eTV Demos

Demos of projects from the Enhanced TV group at Georgia Tech.

EGL Demos
Demos of projects from Dr. Michael Nitsche, Dr. Michael Mateas, and Dr. Ian Bogost of the Experimental Game Lab at Georgia Tech

Wednesday Demos

Demos of student projects created for digital media classes at Georgia Tech.

School of Literature, Communication & Culture, Georgia Tech.